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1: High. Someone who is under the effects of drugs
2: Cool. Someone or something that is cool
"I was smoking the weed all day! I was chong!"
"You look chong in that outfit!"
by Redmonx July 21, 2005
synonymous with berries
That jai alai ball nailed me in the chongs. It took me weeks to recuperate.
by buhbuh July 22, 2003
Recently new term for chineses/japanese/koreans etc
"chongs love to gamble"
by bigupda December 20, 2009
Chongs is a South Australian colloquialism referring to the scrotum commonly used as an expletive.
"That sucks the chongs!" is used to express that something is bad.

"You suck the chongs" is used as an insult.
by The_Cantletron August 29, 2008
chong means to ruin something. This could be by dropping out, complaining, hogging etc.
"you can't handle the sesh! you're such a chong!"
"hey don't chong the weed man"

"Alex really chonged the party last night"
by Harrins November 22, 2013
To chong is to consume rapidly. Chongs - to consume rapidly - verb.
Sir DJ Tron Esquire chongs on chode.
by croozechesthair July 15, 2003
chong meaning to smoke
to be chonged: high

chong dat
im bare chonged
by doodeyboob April 22, 2009
verb, infinitive , to chong.

To take multiple consecutive bong hits, the duration of which can include an entire evening. This indubitably results in the transition of the participant from sophisticated scholar to paralysed imbecile.
The situation is depicted thus;
Stoner A: "Has Liam been cramming for his test? I haven't seen him in bare time!"
Stoner B: "Nope, he's been chonging again. I swear down, he will be gutted when he gets his results, man!"
by stiffkittenbabelfish November 12, 2009