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Looking or being stupid.
That girl is so choney!!
by Ohmg! November 27, 2006
(Pronounced: choh-nee) -noun-

Being weird, lame, an idiot, a douchebag, and/or just some kind of guy that has no chance in hell with any respectable girl because of how he presents himself.
"Wow, that jerk is such a choney. I can't believe he's trying to talk to you."

"Look at that choney over there, doesn't he know that frosted tips aren't cool anymore?"
by LUGirls September 14, 2009
undergarments - specifically underwear. "choneys" is supposedly spanish for underwear.
I'm wearing the blue and yellow choneys tonight
by you June 27, 2001
That gy has some huge Kah-Hone'-ehs.
by homebox February 02, 2003
A cute furry unique creature that is overly fond of sleeping, makeup and is high maintenance
My Choney won't wash my pants
by DJrumination February 28, 2008
A very good looking girl.

It is a reference to a cheese coney from Sonic. You want to put your coney in her buns. Shorten Cheese Coney to Choney.
That girl is a Choney! I want to get with her!
by aca4lyf April 30, 2009