chone can mean many different things. It's a famous basball player,a city in ecuador,and can even be used in name calling. Chone can be used to show anger,happiness, or even sorrow.
Occasionally the word chone is used reffering to a males private part.
ex.1 - That dude needs to go suck a chone!

ex.2 - Adam heard the bands new song and started to chone out.

ex.3 - Julia,will you stop being such a chone and get on the rollercoaster already?

ex.4 - Pissed at what had just happened,vijay stuck his chone in todds face.
by tom.F August 12, 2008
the act of having sex
if you had sex with someone the previous night you would say.....
"dude I choned last night."

if you want someone to have sex it you, you would say...
"please chone me!"
by ash p. December 10, 2007
A quirky creature. Typically having red hair. Most common traits are queer smile, obnoxious laugh, and homosexuality.
Mason! Stop tickling kyle's balls, you're such a chone.
by Poontanger November 03, 2005
A another word for a cigarettes or money... Something all troublemaker kids don't need but often steal
He asked his friend if he could borrow some chones since he was all out
by Cukinondez November 11, 2012
Used by Fisher Stevens' character Vince Latello in the 1985 film My Science Project. Possibly related to Cohones
EEuuurrgh, i feel like puking. I've just been kicked in the chones.
by FreeJack September 28, 2006

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