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an intellectually challenged individual, a person unable to make logical and commonsense decisions.

as explained elsewhere,
"A person who lives for the singular purpose of tyring to ruin the best parts of life for others by subintellectual activities"

A very commonly used noun with deep indian roots , used by the most eloquent, high falutent levels of indian society, to affectionatly chide their buddies.

closely resembles a more popular expletive CHUTIYA but is more cultured and devoid of any sexual connotations
George W. Bush is....a chomu.
by madimus March 20, 2005
n. /'cho'-moo/
A chomu may appear as one without much intellect. They may also have their hair parted in the side or the middle with the aid of parachute hairoil. They may also tuck their shirts into their shorts.

However there are some chomus that are disguised as normal people but their intellectual functions are reduced to your everyday chomu.
A: "I was talking to Mohan"
B: "He's a chomu"

A: "That guy has been working as the janitor of 20 years now"
by mohanprakashan June 16, 2010
A very stupid person.
O look, there's a chomu trying to catch a bird. lol.
by wordMan69 May 29, 2014
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