child molester
That guy Kyle in the white van is such a chomo.
by LeftyJ November 23, 2009
child molester, or someone who is being rude.
man: grr im gunna throw down with you!
Me: ok ChoMo, go back to the orphans in your basement!
by Magzero November 01, 2007
A child molester. THe Urans.
Yo Dick and Craig are chomo's.
by God September 11, 2003
A cross between "cholo" and "emo". Specimens wear skinny jeans that hang off their asses and tight shirts; they can be found falling off skateboards or saying "Orale, homes" or "wey".
"Hey, look at those chomos."

"Orale, wey. I'm just skatin' here, man.
by SteveNBrie August 15, 2008
An extremely affeminate or literally homosexual child.
"Dude, that kid just asked his mom to buy a Liza Minnelli CD...what a chomo!"
by scouser fist November 24, 2006
chocolate milk beverage
The child molestor offered a glass of Chomo to his victim after the fact.
by Demron February 07, 2005
a hyper, talkative ditzy girl
Kelsie is such a chomo, look at her bouncing off the walls
by Jessi March 21, 2005
Short form for chocolate milk.
Hey MA! Grab me some chomo while your at the grocery store
by canadient May 10, 2016
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