A fat, chubby or overweight person.
Can be used as a derogatory comment or as a term of endearment.
"Did you see that fat bitch at Nambour Hospital, making trouble for those two young kids? What a f'ing chomby."

"Aw bubby, you're such a chomby!"
by Shit bits December 04, 2004
Top Definition
Derogatory term used in South-west England for nigger also see coon
Niz: Ryan fuckin' chomby gets on my fuckin' nerves
Lurch: lol!
by ThePyrotechnik January 04, 2008
Big fat black women with huge arses
You ugly fucking chombie
by Sam Clarke March 18, 2005
Indian either food or person. Non derogatory
Let's go for a chombie
Sanjeet is a chombie
by Nick Goddard March 22, 2005
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