In certain parts of Northern California and the Southwest, "Cholo" is a derrogatory and/or racist remark used by non-Hispanics and Chicanos alike. For racists, it defines the Hispanic people and culture as a whole. For Americanized Hispanics, it can mean something akin to a Hick Mexican- Someone that has recently crossed the border and is ignorant to both U.S. and Mexican-American culture. It also is commonly used to imply a Hispanic gangster type. For all intensive purposes though, it can be implied as a racial identifier/a racist comment and should be avoided in conversation. In other words- calling the wrong person a Cholo could warrant a severe beating.
"Don't park you car there overnight. That's where all of the Cholos live."
by Shabba97 July 16, 2008
1. A PEASANT or indian, in a somewhat degrading way because it implies being SIMPLE MINDED( AKA HAVING MENTAL RETARDATION). Can also be used affectionately between friends(AKA FAGGOTS)

2. Also known as a wetback
I want to sound hard so I try to by using cholo that actually means a faggot peasant that is retarded and he gets called a wetback.
by Word Definer June 26, 2007
The hispanic male/female with indian features that are seen in bicycles around town.. work construction and live and hang out with other cholos
Cholo The guy in the bycicle with the spiked up short hair with the short lady at home with four or six children born in the U.S hoping to get a green card.
by carlos from jersey September 14, 2006
just kicking back, lowriding, the pigs pulled us over and interogated not just because we are brown but for been a cholo
by does it matter? October 27, 2004
From my Peruvian ex-roomie I learned that it was for peasants or general degragatory for poor people; or in the opinion of the rich people 'the indians'.
In response to my concern of the army harming poor people during a soccer riot "They are cholos, their silly lives mean nothing" (this is quite an effective insult, but could get you killed) and also his telling me a story about his relative running over a poor person with his jet boat "He was a cholo, but they had a funeral for him and everything."
by Jay de Tejas September 13, 2003
A north-of-the-border Mexican that has it in his mind that just because he isn't white means he's black and doesn't realize that in fact he doesn't look any less stupid than those chavs in England. (Interesting how all south-of-the-border Mexicans consider themselves "white" and the NOB ones call themselves "brown"). A cholo steals his style from black rappers (bling-bling, low-riding pants, fake ebonics and occasional cornrows) and rednecks (wifebeaters) and takes a Kurt Cobain-style flannel shirt, only fastens the top button and calls it original fashion. Can be seen loitering at the mall or outside of Wal-Mart scaring little children or in the back of church intimidating grandmas (why even bother being there in the first place?), and at communion holding one hand out while the other's pulling up his pants. Although he commits atrocious levels of violent crime and is an unmarried deadbeat father of twelve different kids, he has ironic imagery of La Virgen María tattooed on himself or embroidered in the rear window of his lowrider. Not to be confused with the old-school pachuco who could kick his ass.

Cholo: "Yo don't be no menace to South Central while drinking your juice in da 'hood, ese!"
Orange Julius vendor: "Was that a Rasberry Crush or Wild Blue Twist?"
by your dog April 21, 2008
a Cholo is a first generation mexican american gang member or affiliate. the word might of came from somewhere else and we adopted it as our own form of discribing each other. Plain and simple a Cholo is someone to respect.. a modern day robin hood of the barrio, if you will.

And bad apples are in every level of class. Southern California Rifamos, y controlamos both sides of the wall. anyone calling all cholos bad is wrong and most likely got his ass kicked by one of us for talking shit........ keep talking and it might catch up to you one day.
simon buey es cholo. whats up, homie you getting all choloed up tonight, for the big bolo? Where you cholos going?
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