a mexican born in the south of the U.S. Also, in the song by Down a.k.a Kilo
person 1:Sup, cholo?
person 2:Nm. Just listening to that song by Down a.k.a Kilo, 'Lean like a cholo.'
by Tiandrea November 03, 2007
A short Term For a
South West Cholo
South West Cholos=Cholo
La Primera=Lp
shorter definition instead of saying the whole thing
by Albertomm May 03, 2008
a beaner gangsta who thinks he is cool
man dat homie is cholo
by benoint February 08, 2008
gangster, poor, lacking education, Gangbanger, Speaking Spanglish (poor English). A bald male living in poor urban community involved in a gang. Drug dealer. In south america this term is used to describe a poor man of indigenous descent.
"Ese pinche pelon es un cholo."
"vamonos de aqui, esque ya llegaron esos cholos cabrones."
"no me gusta pasar por esa vecindad, tienen cholos."
by MariAntonia July 14, 2006
indigenous person (At least in Peru)
mira ese cholo cochino.
by dan March 05, 2003
In certain parts of Northern California and the Southwest, "Cholo" is a derrogatory and/or racist remark used by non-Hispanics and Chicanos alike. For racists, it defines the Hispanic people and culture as a whole. For Americanized Hispanics, it can mean something akin to a Hick Mexican- Someone that has recently crossed the border and is ignorant to both U.S. and Mexican-American culture. It also is commonly used to imply a Hispanic gangster type. For all intensive purposes though, it can be implied as a racial identifier/a racist comment and should be avoided in conversation. In other words- calling the wrong person a Cholo could warrant a severe beating.
"Don't park you car there overnight. That's where all of the Cholos live."
by Shabba97 July 16, 2008
A north-of-the-border Mexican that has it in his mind that just because he isn't white means he's black and doesn't realize that in fact he doesn't look any less stupid than those chavs in England. (Interesting how all south-of-the-border Mexicans consider themselves "white" and the NOB ones call themselves "brown"). A cholo steals his style from black rappers (bling-bling, low-riding pants, fake ebonics and occasional cornrows) and rednecks (wifebeaters) and takes a Kurt Cobain-style flannel shirt, only fastens the top button and calls it original fashion. Can be seen loitering at the mall or outside of Wal-Mart scaring little children or in the back of church intimidating grandmas (why even bother being there in the first place?), and at communion holding one hand out while the other's pulling up his pants. Although he commits atrocious levels of violent crime and is an unmarried deadbeat father of twelve different kids, he has ironic imagery of La Virgen María tattooed on himself or embroidered in the rear window of his lowrider. Not to be confused with the old-school pachuco who could kick his ass.

Cholo: "Yo don't be no menace to South Central while drinking your juice in da 'hood, ese!"
Orange Julius vendor: "Was that a Rasberry Crush or Wild Blue Twist?"
by your dog April 21, 2008

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