Spanish- persone with roughly 50-50 European-Native American ancestry
As the majority of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are of such ancestry (after which is latino) it is common to hear it used as a pronoun and has thus become incorrectly stereotyped as meaning a mexican gangbanger
I don't think so cholo!
Yo wassup cholo?
by farged November 21, 2007
An ancient Chinese gunk ship from early 1900's. Historians believe the mighty Cholo transported king kong and illegal firecrackers back to the states during the flapper era.
During the battle of San Francisco in 1922 the 7 ton Cholo was plundered at sea from being pelted with hacky sacks and hookahs from the hippies at shore.
Leanin' like a Cholo ain't no thang but a chicken 'wang!"
by that dude1983 June 25, 2007
A short Term For a
South West Cholo
South West Cholos=Cholo
La Primera=Lp
shorter definition instead of saying the whole thing
by Albertomm May 03, 2008
a beaner gangsta who thinks he is cool
man dat homie is cholo
by benoint February 08, 2008
a mexican born in the south of the U.S. Also, in the song by Down a.k.a Kilo
person 1:Sup, cholo?
person 2:Nm. Just listening to that song by Down a.k.a Kilo, 'Lean like a cholo.'
by Tiandrea November 03, 2007
gangster, poor, lacking education, Gangbanger, Speaking Spanglish (poor English). A bald male living in poor urban community involved in a gang. Drug dealer. In south america this term is used to describe a poor man of indigenous descent.
"Ese pinche pelon es un cholo."
"vamonos de aqui, esque ya llegaron esos cholos cabrones."
"no me gusta pasar por esa vecindad, tienen cholos."
by MariAntonia July 14, 2006
indigenous person (At least in Peru)
mira ese cholo cochino.
by dan March 05, 2003
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