The event of a black man knitting a full body tube sock and your mother wearing it.
Hey dad, granny got a cholo by Jamal Brown for her birthday.
by iitz Ginga Snap January 15, 2011
grimace your such a cholo. he was such a cholo. look at that cholo.
by cholos anonymous May 25, 2009
person who wants to be a gangster, but is just a regular everyday latin or mexican man.
"i lean like a cholo
side to side
elbows up side to side
elbows up side to side
elbows up side to side
like a cholo
i'm brown i get down
the girls love how i lean
like a G to the beat blue and white MJ's on my feet "
by cbendall23 June 04, 2007
A Cholo is a mexican gangster

A cholo is one who is not liked in mexico or the U.S because of the way he acts, dresses, and Walks
"Simon I'm a real CHOLO and if you don't like it Fuck Off!"
by $yco March 03, 2006
a mexican or a person acting like a mexican.
"ahhhh dude, give me that burrito"
"no can do"
"stop acting like a cholo or ill punch you in the choad"
by Lola Cha Cha January 31, 2010
Servo, the one, the only.
* Adora pictures you as a cholo
by MrServo December 19, 2007
Spanish- persone with roughly 50-50 European-Native American ancestry
As the majority of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are of such ancestry (after which is latino) it is common to hear it used as a pronoun and has thus become incorrectly stereotyped as meaning a mexican gangbanger
I don't think so cholo!
Yo wassup cholo?
by farged November 21, 2007

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