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The event of a black man knitting a full body tube sock and your mother wearing it.
Hey dad, granny got a cholo by Jamal Brown for her birthday.
by iitz Ginga Snap January 15, 2011
While most North Americans know cholo as Mexican slang, it's also a common term among Cantonese-speaking Chinese and Chinese-Americans, particularly those from Hong Kong. It connotes a coarse or rough male, usually in his teens or early twenties. Oddly, it's pronounced exactly the same.
Nay ho chee sang goh cholo.
by eloh June 14, 2007
a mexican or a person acting like a mexican.
"ahhhh dude, give me that burrito"
"no can do"
"stop acting like a cholo or ill punch you in the choad"
by Lola Cha Cha January 31, 2010
person who wants to be a gangster, but is just a regular everyday latin or mexican man.
"i lean like a cholo
side to side
elbows up side to side
elbows up side to side
elbows up side to side
like a cholo
i'm brown i get down
the girls love how i lean
like a G to the beat blue and white MJ's on my feet "
by cbendall23 June 04, 2007
An ancient Chinese gunk ship from early 1900's. Historians believe the mighty Cholo transported king kong and illegal firecrackers back to the states during the flapper era.
During the battle of San Francisco in 1922 the 7 ton Cholo was plundered at sea from being pelted with hacky sacks and hookahs from the hippies at shore.
Leanin' like a Cholo ain't no thang but a chicken 'wang!"
by that dude1983 June 25, 2007
A Cholo is a mexican gangster

A cholo is one who is not liked in mexico or the U.S because of the way he acts, dresses, and Walks
"Simon I'm a real CHOLO and if you don't like it Fuck Off!"
by $yco March 03, 2006
a beaner gangsta who thinks he is cool
man dat homie is cholo
by benoint February 08, 2008