Declaration of WAR, motherfucker.
Screw all that labeling of people shit.
CHOLO means we kickin' your asses if you cross us.
It's a badass attitude because we own this 'hood.
Check out the original "Assault on Precinct 13"
for some hardcore CHOLO action (hollywood style).

"We CHOLO like Cypress Hill. Fuck the Pigs.
A word now used in terms of excitement - much like "Alright!", "Whoa!", "Yikes!", or "Heck Yeah!". Originally taken from scradish mythology, a Cholo has been said to be a mythical bear-like beast legend similar to Big Foot with buggy eyes, perhaps. These creatures have been noted to wear ties, grit their teeth, and defecate & urinate in the place they stand when sited. When a Cholo is sited, the spotter would yell “Cholo!!!!” in excitement – and thus was derived the modern meaning. Some speculate that Cholos are not real beasts and that they may simply be office workers caught off-guard in bear costumes.
Oh chollo!! I just had an accident all over the floor.
by Dordo March 10, 2005
Cholo is a term usually reffering to a Hispanic male that dresses very nicely. a sesy meng who is dressed like a pretty boi but is a straight up ganster, maintaining an equal balance of the two.A combination of Ryan Seacrest and 50 Cent. wears ralph lauren, lacoste, polos and button shirts
Girl 1 oye nena that guy is mad sesy
girl2 - who the gay kid
girl1- no besides hes a metrosexual
girl1- im talkin bout the cholo
girl2 -o that gansta
girl2 -i want him 2
girl1 -3some then
girl2 -ok

Rndm guy - yo niga u r gay in u thight shirt. wat if i rip that aligator of your shirt. wat u gona do cry, hit me wit u purse

Cholo - ima straight up G i been pimpin them hoes like u momz, rip the shirt, watch watcha ima cut u i got the fu*in Vatos Locos, LaRaZa
by NYZ Cubano January 18, 2006
mexican for douche bag
This party is full of cholos. If there were actually some bitches here I would totally get some pussy.
by benis d July 29, 2005
V. To puss out of a tournament game or competition in fear, particularly after reaching a high level in it.
He got to the quarter-finals, but then he Cholo'd since he was going to get owned.
by _ April 04, 2005
a cholo is a member of the chicano culture. It does not have anything to do with gangs. a cholo is the Mexican/American hard worker aware of his chicano heritage.
by zyania2003 November 23, 2003
A mexican-american,an insult,used by caucasions to degrade chicanos, re:wetbacks
you're just a stinking cholo beaner.
by gmckinley December 18, 2003
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