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Chicano slang taken from the
spanish def of single or alone and
adopted as an identifier of gang
members, usually Hispanic, across
the country.
by bleedle September 30, 2003
a gay or faggy man
damn jon acted like a cholo last night
by jumplikmj23 December 28, 2008
I'm a spanish major, I have studied in spain and mexico for many years. The actual definition means " a person that was cut out of his family", comes from the word, " cortar, cortado,.. (to cut ). An orphan is diferent because a cholo was "cut" out of his family for being a dumbass, while an orphan was abonded at birth. That is why people born in latin america refer to cholos as cholos because they are always out on the street and cut out of their families for being trouble makers. Little kids and first generation hispanics don't know this word because their lack of knowledge of the spanish language. Now cholo is a way of living and dressing due to stupid media and hollywood! "cheech and chong"
Did you know, Cholos don't even exist in mexico or latin america, The cholo concept was born in the U.S. To most hispanics and latinos, cholos are a piece of shit group that give bad names to other hispanics. They are a disgrace to hard working and educated hispanics and latinos.
by Gerico Ortiz May 28, 2005
Hispanic male with dark sunglasses. Age is after 10 years old. Cholo; Cholos
And around the corner rolled a badass 63 with a bunch of cholos.
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
A (in my opinion) sexy hispanic gangster with a bald head, goatee, tattoo's and baggy clothing. Whom everyone is afraid of be it blacks, whites, asians, Cholo's are very tough looking and are tough you don't wanna mess with one, they'll end up putting a bullet in your head before you know it.
Watch out that cholo with the lokes on is coming your way
by ninad December 26, 2003
cholo significa una persona que solo por ser blanca, pience no ser cholo. por ejemplo jaime malliza es un cholo blancco y siempre lo sera, su amigo flash es cholo y pistaco, osea doble cholo y ademas trinchudo ....m.r.t.a...otra clase de cholo.....
el cholo jaime y el pistaco flash caminan por las calles de white plains, que par de cholos y pistacos tanbien...
by pituco m.r.t.a. December 11, 2005
Declaration of WAR, motherfucker.
Screw all that labeling of people shit.
CHOLO means we kickin' your asses if you cross us.
It's a badass attitude because we own this 'hood.
Check out the original "Assault on Precinct 13"
for some hardcore CHOLO action (hollywood style).

"We CHOLO like Cypress Hill. Fuck the Pigs.