Cholo can also be used as a verb under extreme ignorance. and or racism.

1)to be cholo in any way or form.
2)to act like a gangster
3)to appear like a gangster
VERB: HEY! look at those cholo's Cholo-ing through the neighborhood

omg they just cholo'ed that kid's bike!
by cholo-rific chola October 30, 2005
cholo is a sur trece scum they where blue and cant fight for themselves...they go in packs and always mug and get beat up....also called scrapas they hang out on spruce st in g-town
the cholo mugged and got beat up by some loc'ed out mexican
by alexis moreno August 06, 2007
a wonderful alchoholic smoothie made usually with Smirnoff and strawberries.
Stephanie and Katie drink cholos when they be pimpin their hoes.
by hottest biatches in Oregon June 04, 2007
80´s computer game with wireframe graphics.
Published by Firebird,UK.
this gem was underrated
by esa August 29, 2004
a cholo is the Mexican/American and the culture after the zootzooter generation of the 1930's 40's 50's and today. I am a cholo and in my third year into motion picture and video major and I have never been in a gang. A cholo is a member of a culture.
by zyania2003 December 13, 2003
Chicano slang meaning "troublemaker". Groups beyond Chicanos have become familiar with the term and may use it.

Specific fashions might be adopted by people seeking to project a "cholo" image, but no particular appearance is necessary to be a troublemaker or cholo.
<i>Zoot suiters might think they are being so cool, but with the war on they are just being a bunch of cholos.</i>
by Esse March 28, 2005
Me (peruvian) and my (colombian)friend agree that cholo is a term used for poor, stupid, native people of the Andes Mountains. They have nothing to do with Mexican culture (especialy "gangsters")
Ese cholo esta comiendo papas con su llama
by Atahualpa August 10, 2004
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