a piece of hashish stuck up your ass for transportation across border(s), i.e. Morocco to Spain. Usually wrapped in a condom or cellophane so it doesn't fuck you up.
"Hey man, i got some cholito, wanna go smoke?"
#hash #hashish #mule #dope #pot
by Acht08 July 06, 2009
Top Definition
Young gangster or wannabe; li'l G; typically younger brothers copying the Cholo example in style, attitude, and language.
"Hey, I'm unarmed -- don't shoot, CHOLITO! Ha! Haha!
Yo, Hector, chico look just like you ten years ago."
#littl gangster #mestizo #mexican mafia kid #upstart #ambitious little thug shit
Chicano term of endearment, usually adult to child (or junior in years) for a go-getter with no real intended meaning related to gang culture.
Similar to little man, young warrior, or tiger.
From warrior context of CHOLO root.
"Ay, CHOLITO, where you going so fast like Speedy Gonzalez?"
"Oh, pobre CHOLITO, que paso? Looks like it's time I show you some moves to defend yourself.
#big boy #big guy #macho muchacho #li'l dude #senor mann
A term primarily used when insulting men of Colombian descent. Is especially effective when shouted while laughing and pointing directly at Colombian ex-boyfreind. Works wonders if ex-boyfreind is standing in the midst of other females.
Upon seeing her offensivly unattractive Colombian ex-boyfreind, Valarie felt compelled to shout: "CHOLITO!" for all to hear.
#little dick #leo #cholita #colombian boy #colombian guy #hillsborough #hillsboro #new jersey #famous daves
by anomynousuckaaaaas May 15, 2008
Spanish term for "small dick"

can also be used to refer to James Lowe aka "never had a girlfriend" aka "Lonely Racist"...
tha onli time i will ever use my "big dick" is to masturbate
by James Lowe April 07, 2005
Spanish term for "small dick"

can also be used to refer to asian people, hell... this word was probably made to insult asians!
Would you like some burritos, or some fuckin' cholitos?!
by James Lowe March 08, 2005
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