a greasy spic ho that carries razors in her mouth and crabs on her hoohaa. Cholas have no conscience and will kill you for a dollar. usually violent and fat - always ugly
that burrito in the toilet smells like a chola
by halanea July 11, 2006
a group of really cool ass latinas that get together to talk about life, many men, and how they will conquer gringo land.
No puedo ir para Las Vegas, tengo planes con las cholas to go eat y luego hacer desmadre.
by MIREYA January 04, 2006
Honduran slang for one's house/crib.
Quieres ir a mi chola?

Do you want to go to my house/crib?
by APeezy October 09, 2007
(usually mexican or central american)
and im not saying all latinas are disgusting...
those nasty cholas wanted to beat me up last night at the dance cuz their baby boiz were hitting on me
by gay paz December 11, 2007
chola means - pink ninja ie: girls that post on the pink ninja forum are all chola's. Chola's are very attractive girls that wear the Victoria's Secret PINK line and are very intelligent and deal savvy.
Wow, look at those cholas, they have really cute PINK clothes!
by kickash August 06, 2007

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