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gettin your jerk on
by punkass September 10, 2003
114 96
another word for masterbation, flagging the mule, slapping the salami, beating the bisop, wacking off and buttering the corn some people do this alot like Donny
by G April 11, 2003
711 197
too pull the weasle, beat the bishop, tug the rope, beat the monkey, polish the knob, do the 5 knuckle shuffle, slide the snake, toss off a batch of orphans, peek-a-boo the mole, plant the carrot, stroke the one-eyed monster, burp the baby, carress the critter, etc.
I like to toss off a batch of orphans when I am horned up.
by Big Jim and the Twins May 01, 2003
403 185
To kill a chicken by strangulation
Wow look at him choke that chicken and by that i mean he is not masturbating
by Sphinctar May 08, 2003
316 247
wack off, jack off
Jack likes to wack off while watching porn movies!
by Jack July 06, 2003
215 170
a euphermism for spank the monkey, bash the bishop, five knuckle shuffle, the abit to happy meal and the old school wank
dude mother walked in on mr gregory when he was choking the chicken over cheap and vulgar swedish man porn
by sea weed August 11, 2008
65 48
In that Chinese girls home in Stree Fighter 2 there is a guy choking a chicken in the background.
Is that old man choking his chicken?
by Elitist January 01, 2004
193 184