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A frozen chipmunk, performed unskillfully or with crushed ice. May be extremely unpleasant, embarrassing and possibly deadly.
Being March 14th, ,my girl was into the idea of the frozen chipmunk. Thinking she might be getting tired I looked down to discover that she was now performing the choking chipmunk. So much for that idea. A quick heimlich and a thousand sorrys later and she still wont hear about trying it again.
Maybe next year...
by Han Bingo March 14, 2008
The act of oral stimulation performed on a male by a female, male on male version refered to as "Flamming Choking Chipmunk", where a female will deep throat said male while placing each testicle in the pocket between her teeth and check.
She deep throated my cock then put my balls in her mouth at the same time. When I looked down at her, the bitch looked like a choking chipmunk.
by WORKHEAD November 21, 2007
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