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To snap the neck of a chicken, usually immediately prior to butchering.
"Wilber, fetch me a chicken for dinner."

"Alright, ma! Just hold on, I need to choke me a chicken first!"

"Cluck, cluck, cluck, CLUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!"
by General Cluck-Cluck June 13, 2003
to beat your wife and eat your meat
eatin an beatin
by sir dan May 12, 2003
well there was this chicken named mike who lived a normal chicken life untill he had his head cut off. Despite the decapitation mike was able to lead a pretty normal life for 18 months untill he finally choked to death.

Although tragic i think it may explain the saying.

Maybe not.
Choking+Chicken=choking the chicken
by arzoo October 18, 2006