1. (Noun) A collar that would choke the wearer if the leash was pulled by master or pet.
2. (Noun) Any necklace with less than 1cm of slack, usually worn by emo kids with all sorts of studs and spikes on them.
1. Man this bitch I was dating for like 3 weeks invites me back to her house to get our freak on but then she pulls out this choker I freaked out. The chastity belt was enough!

2. Christ, I've seen chunkies in my puke that look better than that emo kid with the choker over there.
by Simon Staszkiewicz October 27, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who blows a seemingly insurmountable lead in any competitive endevour. A person or team that suffers a nervous collapse caused by pressure of winning.
Golfer Greg Norman; '04 New York Yankees
by mark marshall December 05, 2004
The South African Cricket team, teaching the world how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Every time.
Man, Jack can never work when the going gets tough. He's such a choker. He's like an entire South African cricket team all by himself!
by NishantJain January 15, 2011
A team that cannot win in the post season yet performs well in the regular season.
Chokers = Ottawa Senators - any given year
by Dee D May 15, 2006
A person who pratices autoerotic asphyxiation or paraphilia, a practice where someone temporarily cuts off their own air supply by means of a ligature or some other sort of self-asphyxiation device during sex or masturbation.
by JonathanChance October 01, 2003
Blunts of some killer green that got you coughin and chokin...
"I was laughin that night your little boss got flamed...I was blowin on the chokers, bangin sounds in the Range..." - Blade Icewood aka The Great Lake Ruler (R.I.P.)
1) Someone who didn't do what he said
2) Someone who's scared to do something
1) Criss mon ami ya choker, hier, il est même pas venu au party
2)J'suis choker, hier j'ai même pas bu 10 bières
by antsrider June 01, 2007
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