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"chokehold" is a compound meaning a tight hold. it might very close so that the person held might feel choke.
You must be in Cupid's chokehold.
by Jasmine Neville April 03, 2007
An illegal wrestling move in which one would choke the apponent to death, later recieving a death penulty.
Ogre #1: Hey Monglar, think you can break my choke hold?

Ogre #2: What?
by Mbleh June 18, 2007
When getting a blow job and holding down the givers head so they gag while you cum!
I was so into that blow job that I threw a choke hold at the last moment!
by bjoldfaedwse August 24, 2008
The act of imagining choking the hell out of someone you despise. An expression of frustration at someone who just royally pissed you off.
That asshole just cut me off! Choke hold!!!
by Robin January 06, 2004
A whiny puss Ebayed cleric who knows nothing about other classes, and above all holds perceived grudges and acts out his hostility to innocent guildmates, especially when his girlfriend is not putting out.
by Rebaidah October 09, 2003
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