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to strangle a common barnyard bird
look ma! i'm choking the chicken!
by blinkmebaby January 25, 2005
265 272
means to jerk off, wack the weisel, beat your meat, free the whales, or jack your johnson for example.
I walked in only to find Jim chokin the chicken in his room. Damnit Jim, why do you always have to choke the chicken.
by BenJammin484 February 25, 2007
369 116
A term used that referse to masterbating. It is usually more agressive masterbating since the person is choking their dick
My grandma caught me choke the chicken last night
by Clobeinator February 04, 2007
226 131
1. spank the monkey

2. hug the hedgehog

3. jack off

4. masturbation

Guy 1: dude , im horny im gonna go choke the chicken

Guy 2: wtf?
by M dizzle up in this hizzle August 03, 2008
63 46
1. Slang term for "masturbation."

2. Reference to Sarah Palin's new favorite interview background.
"I bet Ben missed the party to 'choke the chicken.'"
by Professionally Insane January 25, 2009
62 54