Phrase used to express anger toward another.
damn, bitch! you ate my bagel?! go choke on a dick!
by Emily July 27, 2004
Top Definition
Phrase used to express extreme anger and maybe hate towards somebody. Different from ESnD because it implies that said person should fill their yap trap with a big dick, completly robing them of all dignity and ability to make audible noise adding insult to injury. This phrase will send your parents over the edge 98% of the time out of simple disrespect. A good way to be disowned from the family real fast.
Pops: Keep tha damn door on the bathroom open or I'll use my toolbox to take the door off the hinges and you won't see it again!

Anonymous teen: You are a toolbox, choke on a dick and die bitch!
by Adrian May 08, 2007
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