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Slang in Hindi meaning "fucker". A person can also be called this if they behave in an idiotic manner.
Man that boy Fadu is a "Chodu"
by Goo Behnchod April 13, 2009
A dick that is wider than it is long
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
A chodus is when a dick is short and fat and chubby. Normally it gets stuck in the fanny hole and cannot come back out. Usually special operation is needed.
I have a chodus and it got stuck last time, i had to cut it off and buy a fake one.
by Chod October 17, 2003
a chodus is what jantzen minton abosulutely loves to munch on every day. he likes it best when the chodus goes off and shoots the 'special sauce' as he calls it on his face and private region.
im jantzen minton and i love the chodus.
by Alejandros June 09, 2003
roommate who eats ballsacks and occasionally smokes the pole
hey chodus, stop eating cock
by Anonymous January 20, 2003
chodus is the defenition of Sam's cock!
Small and square!
The thing at the lower part of Sams body
by Chris Lloyd July 09, 2003
Slang for the part of the skin between the male testicles and the anus.
I rub my chodus when im jackin off, helps me cum better.
by sennan August 05, 2003
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