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my retarted way of defining ~~~micheal jorisch
yo sup my chodigga u mad ghetto
i kno my chodigga im feelin da luv
by chodigga April 06, 2005
My nigga hu is a chode~~~Kristina
yo sup ma chodigga
im feelin the love
by Chode Masta G April 05, 2005
My nigga hu is a chode~~~jorisch
yo wut up my chodigga wanna chill?

fo shizzle my chodizzle
by chodigga March 30, 2005
kristina spelled "michael" wrong.
chodigga isnt a word.
fuck you big losers...
by catherine April 08, 2005
jorischs retarded way of defining kristina rodriguez
"hey chodigga" (kristina)
by tammjewzyoozy April 05, 2005
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