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One who leads a life in which is lead by the belief that chodes are holy. These people may sacrifice non-believers to their phallus-gods.
Welcome to the Presbyterian Chode Church! Please ask one of our chodemeisters for a free brochure of our beautiful way of life!
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 13, 2003
someone who is acting like a total chode.
"Dude quit bein such a chodemeister!"
by DylanO13 March 07, 2008
Jaybizzle aka JB aka BJ. The boy's chode is trippin' yo. jus a bitch witta chode who be whinin n complainin the whoooooole riiiiiiiide hooooome
Yo he be actin like a chodemeister.
by P-rod February 13, 2004