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A female who uses her teeth when performing oral sex
Man, everything was great until that chode ripper snagged my dick on her braces!
by Sherjo June 18, 2008
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A. a Person who lacks conern for the well being of others

B. a person who insults persons labeled by themselves or others as a "chode"

C. a female who cuts and literally rips open the skin between a males anus and his scrotom.
A. "That guy Adam stole my car , crashed it, then sued me for damages, he a is total fucking choderipper."

B. "Look at him over there just tearing a new asshole on the chode Derek, what a choderipper"

C. "I cheated on my girlfriend and I thought she didn't know, she told me one night during sex that Bobbit ain't got shit on her and she ripped my chode open, shes a psycho choderipper."
by Adam Y. December 05, 2007

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