Two meanings! The area between your scrotum and your asshole, and the Blue stuff that comes out of a black woman's eye when a black man bitchslaps her.

Im serious about the second one.
Example 1: For definition one.
"when I jacked my boyfriend off last night, he skieted so hard it took a dry cleaner to get all the skiet of his Choda."

Example 2: For definition two:
"My man Ian bitchslapped me 'cuz i did it wrong last night, and i got Choda all over my dog."
by J (As my friends call me =)) April 24, 2008
1.A child molester.
2.An extremely gay person.
*word comes from my friend Mitchell, who made it up*

"That guy, right over there... he looks like a choda"
"You mean he bangs kids?"
by J.Diddy September 14, 2007
Not to be confused with the gooch. It really is when the penis' head is longer then the shaft.
That dude has a choda, and his gooch is the part between his asshole and balls!
by Muffin Man September 07, 2003
the flakey pieces of poo that fall off a large log.
my shit had a ton of choda flakes!
by Rob July 13, 2005

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