the stinky sweaty smagma between your star and your pouch
the white buildup after a hard days work
by Peter February 29, 2004
a dick that's fatter then it is long
hey, that guy has a choda, thats disgusting
by jean luc February 27, 2004
A jedi master.
Master Choda looks good in khaki.
by dogg December 29, 2003
Area between alex's ass and belly ring
Alex scratches her choda in class now that ange is gone.
by Alexandra December 08, 2003
the piece of skin between alex's balls and her ass crack
Mr. Guerian and alex took turns licking each others dirty chodas.
by jon December 07, 2003
The small sensitive stretch of skin between the scrotum or vagina and your anus.
Also known as, the "Magic Highway" between "Heaven and Hell."
by Smokey Jones November 19, 2003
Khankir chhele Yeajur...
jiban-ta je add hoye galo.
by YeajurRehman October 23, 2003

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