A penis wider then is is long
omf u have a choda
by Jordan_96 April 07, 2007
A penis.... nothing more! From the word in Spanish CHORIZO which is sausage.
Beso mi choda por favor! or kiss my dick please!
by d0c August 12, 2006
A disembodied penis, usually the detritus of a sex-change operation
After her operation, Barbi kept the choda in a glass jar.
by nelly_boy July 17, 2005
I always heard that the choda was the male G spot...like inside the arse.
Tickle my Choda please. I enjoy it.
by Winner March 15, 2005
A pot-belly that jiggles with every step you take
Kelly Moran's choda makes me sick whenever she wears tight shirts
by Heffe January 24, 2005
(n.) how children with a speech impediment say soda
Mommy, may I have a taste of your choda, please?
by Richard Simmons December 14, 2004
hair that surrounds that butthole.
stuff that dingle-berries get caught to
my choda is curly.
my choda is fifty feet long!
by Lukas April 10, 2004

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