Penis that is the same length as width. Usually very stubby.
The man had a sick looking choda so he couldn't masturbate.
A penis.... nothing more! From the word in Spanish CHORIZO which is sausage.
Beso mi choda por favor! or kiss my dick please!
by d0c August 12, 2006
A disembodied penis, usually the detritus of a sex-change operation
After her operation, Barbi kept the choda in a glass jar.
by nelly_boy July 17, 2005
I always heard that the choda was the male G inside the arse.
Tickle my Choda please. I enjoy it.
by Winner March 15, 2005
hair that surrounds that butthole.
stuff that dingle-berries get caught to
my choda is curly.
my choda is fifty feet long!
by Lukas April 10, 2004
the stinky sweaty smagma between your star and your pouch
the white buildup after a hard days work
by Peter February 29, 2004
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