The fleshy seem that runs from my balls
to my asshole, where the god finished
sewing my body together.
I like to rest my choda on Rich's
shot glasses when he is not around.
by Pat Rowan December 09, 2003
The area between the genitals and the rectum.
Spoonerism = Chucksoda = suckchoda
My parents were real funny.
by Chuck Soda December 06, 2003
a.k.a. Mallick the area between the boys and Tommy's favorite hole or area between the vulva and tommys favorite hole(on a girl)
Tommy's finger slid slowly and unsuspecting past the vulva, past the choda, and into his favorite hole.
by Tommy Cureton September 13, 2003
When your dick is wider than it is long
My choda is really fat
by Unknown June 29, 2003
the stereotypical jock, someone that gives you a hard time.
"Ah fuck that choda deffinately gonna throw something at us"
by hypnotik May 15, 2008
(n.) how children with a speech impediment say soda
Mommy, may I have a taste of your choda, please?
by Richard Simmons December 14, 2004
the underside of a toilet bowl rim.
tony spent all afternoon scrubbing his choda.
by billy choda March 30, 2004

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