a choda is a female chode, thanks to ray he came up with it & everyone should use it like that.
Sarah is such a choda !
by Mirranda May 02, 2008
In Bengali, one of the languages of India, this is a very slang langauge and it defines fucking.
In Bengali:Jones meyetake ki choda chudlo.
In English:Jones has fucked that girl like anything.
by Babla February 22, 2006
V. A Bengali slang word: To fuck
Ai cheri aak choda dia-e vhodar ross ber kore diebo!
Transl: Hey baby, I will fuck you sooo good that your pussy juice will come out at once!
by MONISHA December 18, 2003
the area between your asshole and nut sack
today i shaved my choda so gadget's mom could lick it later
by Drew84 January 11, 2003
The fleshy area between the vagina and the anus.
Let me touch your choda.
by Anonymous September 21, 2002
The fuzzy flab of skin which connects the balls to the your asshole. It enjoys being stroked in order to reach ejaculation.
Steph loves to tickle T's choda.
by statersa March 19, 2004
n. The stegasouras that travels from the Hariyblue mountains to the great Brownstar caves.
Emily continued to lick upward from my anus and over my choda on her way to my balls.
by Jaxon January 05, 2004
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