The area on a male between the scrotum and the anus.
"lick my Choda"
by Geo_Wizard August 17, 2009
The area between your asshole and your ballsack.
"The valley between two mountains"
Jerry: Go eat a dick
Bob: How about you suck my choda...bitch!
by SkywayAvenue22 October 16, 2008
That stretchy skin that allows your balls to hang low.
Franks choda is so long that it flaps in the wind creating a mind boggling numbing sensation of the ears.......
by etarazm March 07, 2007
The area between my hairy balls, and my dense forest asshole.
anyone wanna come camping in my choda?
by n August 09, 2003
I first heard the word in 1972, from a native Hawaiian, to mean sex. I didn't hear it anywhere outside my small circle of friends until I heard Dr. Ruth use it (from context) to mean sex.
O My God! Whitney just gave me the best choda of my life!
by Dane Brooke April 07, 2008
A female who is absolutely clueless when it comes to the dating game. She is 30lbs overweight and has stray hairs sprouting up all over her face and chest, and she wonders why men aren't attracted to her!
aka The female version of a choad
Eva the choda was out at 2am with her girlfriends at Mel's Diner. "Pass me the Cole Slaw" she said, as she stuffed it down her pie hole and continued to bash men with her gfs. At the end of the meal a piece of bacon got entangled with the hairs on her chin. It was a fun time for all.
by Woooooo! June 10, 2009
a choda is a female chode, thanks to ray he came up with it & everyone should use it like that.
Sarah is such a choda !
by Mirranda May 02, 2008
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