A female who is absolutely clueless when it comes to the dating game. She is 30lbs overweight and has stray hairs sprouting up all over her face and chest, and she wonders why men aren't attracted to her!
aka The female version of a choad
Eva the choda was out at 2am with her girlfriends at Mel's Diner. "Pass me the Cole Slaw" she said, as she stuffed it down her pie hole and continued to bash men with her gfs. At the end of the meal a piece of bacon got entangled with the hairs on her chin. It was a fun time for all.
by Woooooo! June 10, 2009
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area between your bag and your asshole
Jamie Johnsons mom really worked my choda yesterday, I wont be able to ride my bike for a week
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
The stretch of skin (usually furry in nature) which connects the genitals to the asshole.
a.k.a. - taint, gouch, furry freeway
My ass is practically hairless, however i have a veritable forest of pubic on my choda.
by Jaxon Johnson August 31, 2003
Perenium - the soft, fleshy section between the scrotum (or vagina) and the poop chute
a.k.a. "T'aint" - "T'aint muh balls and t'aint muh ass!"
by choda taint August 27, 2003
The area between your bag and your asshole. On a woman called a chin rest.
My chin rest on her choda for comfort and direction
by todd bundy August 31, 2008
the area betwixt my balls and anus
Jamie Johnson and Shane Maver took turns caressing my choda
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
The area between you brown eye and balls
Johnny got stinkin shit all over his choda when he wiped his ass towrads the front
by Corrupted July 13, 2003
the fleshy hairy skin between ur vagina and ur assghole
i love it when my boyfriends rubs my choda...
by ashley November 16, 2003

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