another word for poo!
ewff look at that dog chod!

your homework is chod! {my teacher actually said this to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
by Bida BANG July 17, 2005
someone who is fat, or a bit of a greedy twat. bit of a chonga 'see chonga'
'you fat chod!!'
by bade July 24, 2003
A superhot glowing piece of hashish that falls out end of a lit joint

"bollocks i've just got another fucking chod-burn on my car seat"

"watch where you smoke that, i dont want any chods on my new carpet"
by Jelboy May 19, 2006
a cock
she said i had a big chod
by paulos October 23, 2003
the spot between your balls and asshole
dude, she licked my chod!!!
by mike hawk July 11, 2003
Jizz, spunk, cream, man milk, sloppy jalopy.
her face was flecked with chod.
by [D]Mr Cream T October 14, 2003

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