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1. A chocolate maker.

2. One who fucks assholes. more commonly known as a "fudge-packer"
Jeremiah is quite the Chocolatier; he finds an ass to fuck every dusk and every dawn without fail.
by smashbroseph March 01, 2011
A person who goes hogging and has sex with a fat chick.
John is such a chocolatier. He brought home a big fat fatty and had sex with her.
by PMax March 15, 2008
A Caucasian man or women, who adopts an African-American child to raise as their own. The child is infused and integrated into white culture and customs.
Neighbor 1- " Did you hear about the new chocolatiers that moved in down the street?"
Neighbor 2- " No, I didnt!"
Neighbor 1- " The Callahans moved in two days ago. Their children Keyshawn and Destiny seem so nice!"
Neighbor 2- " Wow! They must be good chocolatiers."
by ChocoChocoDick March 04, 2011