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I need a chocolate muffin for my banana nuttin

c'mon girl, just gimme that stuff/you'll be huffin 'n puffin' when I'm stuffin that muffin/.....gimme that chocolate muffin/hot out the oven/your chocolate muffin
by DoubleDee-licious September 26, 2010
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A Chocolate Muffin is derived from the frosted muffin. It is a type of a rim job. It is when a man ejaculates into either a woman's and/or another man's anus and then proceeds to lick and/or suck his own semen out of the anal cavity.
Carissa's favorite type of rim job was the chocolate muffin next to the rusty trumpet of course.
by The Muffin Man June 22, 2006
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A darker woman's vagina.
"Damn girl, lemme get at that chocolate muffin"

"I want to lick her chocolate muffin"
by PuggieQueen February 11, 2015
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