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Poo thats just dying to get out.
I know we only have 10 minutes to get there, but I have to release these chocolate hostages!
by TZ October 07, 2005
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A phrase used when u need to take a shit:
Other phrases: Touching cloth, Turtles head, Take the kids to the pool.
Man i really need to release a chocolate hostage
by MJ January 01, 2005
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An unwilling turd; the reluctant passage of feces.

A piece of shit.
Billy can't come to the phone. He's negotiating the release of the chocolate hostage.
by Nick May 04, 2004
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"...I'll just have to and release some Chocolate Hostages"
by Beefburglar June 11, 2004
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Another term for going to trap 2 and releasing ones bowel.
"Jesus christ, spencer has just been in trap two and negotiated the release of a chocolate hostage, it stinks"
by Gav P November 28, 2005
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Feces, Crap, Poo, Excrement
Time to go release the chocolate hostage.

by jimbo March 09, 2003
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a turd which is being held captive for a later release
The chocolate hostages are getting restless. I better hurry to the can and release them.
by Rotormitch January 10, 2008
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