Chocolate Fever: The rising phenomenon of white, and lighter-skinned black men specifically going for beautiful, sexy, dark-skinned, strong, confident, natural-haired, chocolate skinned Goddesses.
Man, I gats to get me some of that Motherland Royalty! - That sexy, dark chocolate skin has given me a serious case of chocolate fever!
by Dark Chocolate Goddess September 19, 2013
When a girl/guy is obsessed/attracted to black people
That guy is so fine I think I got chocolate fever.
by ninabbyxx3 October 07, 2009
When a man obsessed by the chocolate women enters the stages of fever.
Particularly common amongst big hairy Swedes.
See also angus, angry angus, booka, chat, cubano
Angus the Bavarian saw a hot black girl in Spearmints from the corner of his eye.
Immediately he jumped from his seat, pulled his wallet from his pocket, grabbed her and her chocolate sister and gave them copious amounts of money to disrobe in his presence. Whilst smoking a cubano.
The chocolate fever had set in.
by boohog June 08, 2004
Once a month, a female will get cravings for chocolatey sweets. This will cause her to become cranky, or even enraged to the point of being a total bitch. More commonly known as PMS.
Man1 "What's her problem?"

Man2 "She's got chocolate fever..."
by TenThousandThrones January 15, 2010
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