This happens when you run out of toilet paper and your shit hardens around your asshole forming a thick crust giving it the appearance of a chocolate donut. This does not apply to black people.
my friends saw my crusty anus ring making them want to eat it out like a chocolate donut.
by donutfetish October 17, 2011
Top Definition
after having your salad tossed, placing yer anus on your partner's lips leaving a rim print
by Anonymous May 31, 2003
When a guy or girl takes a shit, doesn't wipe their ass and sits on your face. Leaving the sides of your mouth all chocolatey.
After sex you come out of the room and someone says, "Hey man, did you eat a chocolate donut? You got chocolate on your mouth."
by Norman Bangs June 01, 2013
When a guy has a donut on his dick and is doing a girl back door, then after he finishes he takes the donut off then he has the girl shit on it, then she eats it.
Oh man I had the best chocolate donut last night.
by Pagoda Megilla September 03, 2008
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