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"Chocolate wasted" is most frequently used in context to me "very drunk", although that is not its origin.

The quote is originally from the movie Grown Ups, where Adam Sandler's character answers a table of kids wanting to know what being "wasted" means and he tells them it's a "hankering for ice cream". A little girl then yells out "I wanna get chocolate wasted!".

People now use it just to mean very drunk and they generally use the complete quote from the movie.
Bob: Let's hit up the bars tonight.
Sam: Yeah, I could use a few drinks after all this studying.
Kara: I wanna get chocolate wasted!!
Everyone: (laughs hysterically)
#grown ups #adam sandler #drunk #wasted #intoxicated
by katiefromtexas November 29, 2010
1 Word related to chocolate wasted
When you are wasted on an alcoholic drink containing alcohol and yours or someone else's feces.
Stan: "Are you waisted?"
Dally: "No, I'm chocolate wasted!" *Dally holds up a cup containing vodka and feces mixed in*
by Emma Unicorn January 21, 2016
when you get passed over dose drunk/wasted
omg, i'm so chocolate wasted right now
#drunk #crunk #tipsy #pod #fucked up
by an0nym0us1234 June 21, 2010
when you're fucked up by CHOCOLATE over dosage. directions: buy a shitload of chocolate food products. it does NOT have to be plain chocolate: it can be cake, brownies, ice cream, etc....this is something extremely cool people do to have fun on Saturday nights.
me: Hey Liam, wanna get chocolate wasted on saturday?
liam: uhhh what?
me: you know??? when you eat a shitload of chocolate and you are wasted off it!!
#chocolate drunk #fudge #cake #brownies #goodtimes
by lildots22 September 26, 2011
an overdose of chocolate
From the little girl in the movie "Grown Ups" when she says chocolate wasted.
#chocolate-wasted #sour wasted #gummi wasted #cocolate drunk #sweet-tooth #sweet tooth #chocolate #sweets #candy #candy wasted #candy-wasted
by awal93065 June 16, 2010
When an individual gets so drunk that they crap their pants.
Guy 1 "Dude, I got so drunk last night...I got Chocolate Wasted."

Guy 2 "Awww, man, that's nasty!!"
#dookie #sharted #chocolatewasted #chocolate-wasted #dump
by WrekTaFyr June 11, 2010
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