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Inserting a tampon, prefferably a SUPER or MAXI into a males or females anus. Thus leaving a brown " Chocolate " coating on the tampon. Once removed & " Coated " you must project the tampon at an enemy or someone strongly disliked.
My best buddy was nailing my girlfriend, so I hit him with a Chocolate Tampon.
#poopon #hershey bomb #cunt missle #stinker bomb #shit stick
by Richard Goezinya January 04, 2007
A phallic reference that a black guy uses when he
is tryin to fuck and the girl says she is on her period
You're on the rag? It's all good girl, I got this chocolate tampon that will make it all better. It tastes good too...
#black #period #penis #rag #phallic
by Brotha B January 05, 2007
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