The view of a properly presented anus
She bent over and spread her cheeks to show me her chocolate starfish.
by BIg Boy2 March 08, 2011
the arse hole
I had acurry last night & now my "chocolate star fish" is on fire.
by Kelly August 11, 2003
The imprint of an anus that has not been sufficiently wiped clean.
Somebody's left a starfish on the bogseat.
by Mugwump November 10, 2004
Is a gay euphemistic innuendo to refer to an anus. Usually used in a context where one would like to rim someone. It's metaphorical to the orifice of the human rectum that looks like a star-fish and is darker in color than the rest of the skin.
So, me and David fooled around last night, it wasn't long before I ate his chocolate star-fish... Yum!
by TheProfanityZoo July 03, 2014
A chocolate man or woman laying spread eagled on a bed and making their partner do all the work.
"Dude, she was a chocolate starfish, worst lay ever."
by SugSugSugar July 25, 2013
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