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The act of eating a male or female's anus after they drop feces.
After Kirk took a crap, Murk cleaned his friend by giving him a chocolate salad.
by Rob231 March 30, 2006
The Chocolate Salad is difficult to achieve and almost impossible to master. The man proceeds to excrete a bowl movement while the woman sucks his manitalia. Immediatly after he releives himself (in both meanings of the word) the woman begins to eat out the mans anal cavity until he releives himself again. Extra points are achieved if he passes a bowl and ejaculates at the same time.
Did you hear the news? Ryan got a fat chocolate salad from the Scranton Sloar! She took his dumpling blumpkin to the face!
by BlackSnowMan August 15, 2008
when your shitting on your sex partner and you throw a young infant at the wall and you have to yell chocolate salad 3 times.
David cried and after Leo gave him a chocolate salad and then cleaned up Nikos infant baby off the wall.
by lrod666 June 15, 2009
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