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a chocolate rustler is a rustler rib steak (microwaveable burger) with a kitkat chunky(chocolate bar)inbatween the bun and the ribsteak so there is melted chocolate inside the burger and it tastes fukin ossim(my way of saying awsome) invented by SPRIGGS
rustler,burger,chocolate,kitkat,chuck norris,chocolate rustler
by SUPER SPRIGGS February 06, 2009

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a chocolate rustler is a rustler ribsteake(micro waveable burger)with a kitkat (chocolate bar)on it so the rustler has melted chocolate all over it and it tasetes freakin ossim (alternative to awesome)inveted by SUPER SPRIGGS<- my gamer tag
WARNING: continued consumpsion of the chocolate rustler may cause masive fucking heart attack
by martydom noob February 14, 2009