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when a dude fucks a girl in the ass while she takes a shit
dude1: yo man i got a chocolate milkshake last night

dude 2: how was it?

dude 1: it was amazing the hot shit going down my cock felt so0oOoO goood
by Br!an G0ld December 22, 2008
1 25

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A drink, that kids drink. also comes in strawberry and vanilla
Billy isnt gay, but he drinks Chocolate Milk Shakes
by dalton August 18, 2003
30 19
(S): A blow job with which the person receiving the blow job is brown (of South Asian ethnicity).
S: I want a chocolate milkshake!
H: Sorry, another day's better.
by offleash October 29, 2013
9 1
When you change from anal intercourse to oral sex right at the moment of climax.
We were having sex the other night when I decided to give her a chocolate milkshake.
by D J R August 01, 2006
40 33
a sexual act where a man craps and cums in a girls mouth the girl then either mixes it up in her mouth and spits it on the mans penis or swallows and then throws it up on his penis he then has sex with her with the mixture on his penis.
guy: hey baaaaabyy wanna chocolate milkshake?
girl: hell no thats nasty!
36 30
A chocolatey Milky substance. Made with chocolate icecream and milk.
I LOVE chocolate milkshakes!
by Heather McKay June 24, 2008
7 4
Having anal sex with a woman from behind while she is breast feeding a baby or another adult.
I gave the wife the Chocolate Milk Shake while she was feeding the kid.
by joneebravo June 08, 2009
11 11
when a girl gives you a blow job you shit in your hand cum on her face and rub the shit on as well untill u produce a chocolate milk shake
steve: "she was giving me a blow job and shit so i pooed in my had and rubbed it in to her cum riddled face!!!!"
dave: "CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE, sweet dude, did she like it?"
steve: "fuck no, but thats the last time she forgets to record 24."
dave: "shit yer!!!!"
by james flinder February 10, 2005
19 25