act. pushing Jeremy Fisher up the benjamin bunny, pokin dirt, to take it up the dirt box. Rectal trespass
"Go on Harry, Give me a chocolate frog"
by Urbandurban July 04, 2003
Top Definition
Rhyming slang for Wog.
"Have you seen snakes on a plane? It stars Hollywoods hardest working chocolate frog!"
by Jamie Douglas September 09, 2006
A delightful dessert, most commonly found being served from a trolley on the Hogwarts Express in the hit series "Harry Potter" by J. K Rowling. These chocolate shapped frogs are under a spell that gives them the ability to move and hopp like real frogs would. They are very popular in the fantasy world, because they come with something known as a "wizard card" which is a collectable bering the face of a famous witch or wizard.
"May I have a choclate frog miss?"
by sunshinelbs April 24, 2004
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