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A very tasty treat where raisins are covered in delicious milk chocolate. The end result is a chewy tasty snack!
Chocolate covered raisins are the best!
by Meijer's! September 20, 2005
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1. Raisins covered with a thin coat of chocolate.

2. Deer/Moose feces.
Jim: Mmmm...those chocolate covered raisins taste so good.

Bob: Are you talking about poop or dried grapes covered in chocolate?
by JimmyBobby2165 December 04, 2007
The act of placing a raisin on somebody's seat right before they sit down, then proceeding to eat the raisin once they stand back up.

This is usually done without the sitter knowing, but it can be done willingly if you ask the person politely if they will sit on the raisin for you.
Connor has a huge crush on Iryna, so he a put a raisin on her seat before she sat down on the desk next to him.

When Iryna got up to sharpen her pencil, Connor ate the chocolate covered raisin.
by cufflinktimejohnny September 08, 2011
An asshole with shit on it that needs to be wiped.
"I'm out of toilet paper so I now have a chocolate covered raisin."
by anonimissy February 04, 2010
When you stick your rag (balls) into a girls butthole and they get smothered with poop.
I hate chocolate covered raisins, they make my rag smell.

I made my girlfriend suck the chocolate off my rag after she gave me chocolate covered raisins.

Freddy couldn't hear cause he wasn't wearing his hearing aids, so when I told him not to stick his balls in my butt, he ended up with chocolate covered raisins.
by Sean Manning May 27, 2005

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