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A person who is addicted to chocohol.
Better hide all the chocohol before my mother-in-law gets here; she is a big-league chocoholic.
by Rick Santorum November 07, 2006
person who loves/is addicted to chocolate
I ate an entire box of chocolates and my sister
says I must be a chocaholic!
by VAKI5 June 27, 2005
A man or woman who is attracted exclusively to black people. (white people = vanilloholic, but people don't say that)
Kelly is such a chocoholic. That bitch be droolin' over Kobe and M.J.
by Nick D May 22, 2003
People who like chocolate, but don't understand the rules of word endings.

Derived (incorrectly) from "alcohol" and "alcoholic".
"Now I've met many chocoholics, but I ain't never seen no 'chocohol'" - Demetri Martin
by forteblast May 19, 2010
one who eats way too much chocolate and usually regrets it later.
"Dude, lay off the chocolate you choco-holic"
"Damn, my choco-holism's got my calorie intake up through the roof"
by Theresa Pepper March 02, 2005
A white woman who will only date or fuck black guys.
Did you see Rachels new boyfriend Jamal, she's such a chocoholic.
by CCorpse August 16, 2010
1. A cute, little being who craves chocolates, esp. hershey kisses. Can be found at the Baker House. Also hates programming.
Last, night I found my chocolate stash missing, and my computer smashed to bits, must've been the chocoholic
by JC December 06, 2002