Someone who looks like Chochy on Happy Days, who is also a douchebag.
Billy thinks he's cool, but he's such a chochbag
by Andrew256 May 04, 2007
Top Definition
Slang term for your balls, slats, nuts, gnads, gnards, jewels, etc.
"I told her it's not the dress that makes her look fat... it's the fat that makes her look fat - and she turned around and kneed me in the Choch Bag."
by Monkeyfuck McGrew May 02, 2005
(Noun) one who is an ass, idiot, douche bag, etc. This name has nothing to do with a scrotum, but is just a way to describe someone who is full of themselves.
Boris: It costs so much to fill up my Lambo at the station these days.

Bosco: That's because you haven't invented an electric car yet, you chochbag.
by Casey K. April 18, 2008
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