To bite at. Black-country (English Midlands) slang to eat. Also, any machine that removes metal by shearing.
I'm getting hungry, I fancy a chobble.
by SL_MN June 14, 2010
Top Definition
to bite hard on something with one's teeth
If you chobble boiled sweets, you may break your teeth
by w. t. hastings November 03, 2003
1. To chomp repeatedly on a chewable object or morsel of food
2. To masticate veraciously
Chloe chobbled on her apple.
by Fred and Chloe April 01, 2004
To chew food noisily.
Sheesh, did you hear Cecil chobble his dinner?

Blimey, did you hear the way Eddie chobbled his apple?
by Marteeeny October 06, 2009
Or in fact Chobbling. The art form that is fellatio, or more commonly suckin cock. Practised very well by the girls from yorkshire......
Wow that babe gave me a right chobblin last night, or would love to chobble that......
by Ian Glover December 12, 2006
1. To chill, calm down.

2. To stop eating.

*Originated in Mount Olive, New Jersey!
Example 1:
Jose- What the fuck you asshole!
Julio- Chobble dude, your chick wants my dick.

Example 2:
(Mike pigs out)
Joe- Mike, chobble dude your eating all my fucking food!
by SexMyster123123 February 19, 2008
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