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Clothing worn from the waist to the top of the knee, or half of a pair of painsh
"I got my nutz in deez choats."
by Chityacho August 23, 2008
3 1
The area of skin between the ballsack and asshole. Also known as grundle, taint, derf, nacho, or gooch. Not to be confused with chode, a penis wider than it is long.
I put a pellet gun to Amy's ear and forced her to lick my chote. I had a very powerful jism.
by Captain Meaty March 01, 2005
128 76
old anglo saxon thane's name
hello sir choat how are you on this fine day?
by achilles charrington February 19, 2008
16 25
vomit that is so thick it makes a pile rather than a puddle
I nearly chiked to death on my own choat after visiting Denny's on the way home from the concert.
by AntiToxin April 13, 2005
25 40
baby pig,
could be used to describe a somewhat person
Shut up choat!
by Lucius March 08, 2003
24 41
Past tense of cheat
The boy choat on his exam.
by Martina November 23, 2003
21 61